your website via FTP

If you built and manage your own website or had another company build your website, but we host it for you, you should have been provided an FTP username and password so that you can access your site's files and make changes to them. If you need assistance with this username and password, please contact us and we'll be glad to assist you. If you have your username and password, you can use the following information to set up your favorite FTP application to access your files.

  • FTP Host:
  • FTP Username: Provided to you
  • FTP Password: Provided to you

In case you don't have an FTP application or would like to try a new one, we strongly recommend using FileZilla which can be downloaded from FileZilla is a very powerful application, yet it is easy enough for a fairly novice user to get acquainted with. Help with this application can be obtained from the FileZilla Wiki website.

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